AJ Crimson

Our mission is to develop, grow and maintain a direct conversation with beauty enthusiasts of all ethnicities.

To create multiple solutions for their beauty needs. To educate them on the latest trends and technology. To uplift and encourage them to celebrate their overall beauty, all while realizing their full potential. By doing this we are the world’s leading beauty authority for both professional makeup artists and consumers that seek superior quality beauty and personal care products for the new faces of the global beauty revolution. As the world gets smaller and we are able to reach a wide range of audiences in a single transmission, our vision is the create a centralized hub for beauty and wellness within the AJCRIMSON BEAUTY community. No longer must we rely on brick and mortar to share our voice, vision and story. Our ambition is build a home base for our beauty community, that educates and continues to ignite the passion for our products and shared awareness.


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