Vettura was started by car “enthusiast”, is staffed by car enthusiast, and is joined by car enthusiast. We enjoy exotic cars, innovative cars, racing, being seen, being the first to test drive new vehicles, traveling to learn new car skills or just to drive the autobahn to join the 150 mile per hour club. If cars are a hobby, a passion, and a way of life Ventura is for you. When we set out to create Ventura we wanted to create a car club that didn’t focus on brand loyalty. You don’t only have to love Ferraris or Porsches. You just have to love cars, all kinds of cars.

Our car club is simple. We have access to any number of exotic, luxury, or sports cars. When you are a member you also get access to these same cars as part of a simple point system.

You can buy any number of points, use them when you want – they never expire, and when you run out you can buy more. Simple. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though “members” get access to paid and unpaid functions as we.

Such as the following –


• Playboy Mansion Parties
• Oscar Award Tickets
• Music Awards
• Exclusive Galas
• Private Parties



• Be the first to drive some of the newest sports and exotic cars in the world on special drive days
• Members can join us four times a year as we go drive the Autobahn and join the 150 mile/hr club
• Formula 1 driving trips in Italy
• Go with us to Scandinavia to learn how to really drive on ice
• Many more local and international car excursions


• Be introduced to car brokers to find the car of your dreams at Kelly Black Book
• Put your exotic car with us on consignment to find the right buyers
• (Limited Space) Team up with us to acquire exotic cars for the club and earn anywhere from 4%-6%/year, which beats the bank
• Plus: We have relationships with custom brokers that will help with the international import and export